Birds Of Prey Trailer 2 Shows DC Extended Universe Is Black Mask

A new trailer has dropped for Birds of Prey, and it features the first appearance of DC Extended Universe Black Mask. The signature mask he wearing is accurately portrayed in the movie, and the trailer also reveals many other things besides this. When DC’s Harley Quinn firstly appeared in Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie surprisingly played as Harley Quinn excellently. She quickly became popular, and she is now known for her appearance as Harley Quinn in DCEU. She has been nominated for the Oscar award, and her performance as DC’s Harley has been appreciated universally.

Birds Of Prey Trailer 2

Now DC has a plan to put the Harley Quinn live-action character into the spotlight with releasing Birds of Prey in a few upcoming weeks. The film is set to release on February 7, 2020, and now it is only one and a half months away from hitting the cinema. In the Birds of Prey film, Harley Quinn is teaming up with a few more DC superheroes, including Huntress, Renne Montaya, and Black Canary.

The film trailer 2 focuses more on Harley Quinn, to a state where the Birds are almost looking pale in the comparison to Harley Quinn. The above statement doesn’t mean that other DC characters are not focused at all in the new trailer, but they have less screen time than her. The trailer tells many things about the film’s story as you see Harley teams up with the female superheroes to save Cassandra Cain from the baddie Roman Sionis also known by the made-up name Black Mask and Victor Zsasz.

As all of the leading actors have signed for the future sequels, DCEU might create a solo franchise for Birds of Prey that may exclude Margot Robbie or Harley Quinn from the future movies. Now that we have a new and much more detailed trailer, we have many new details for the forthcoming movie.

Ewan McGregor has also appeared in the first trailer of Birds of Prey, but he wasn’t wearing his accurate comic mask in the previous trailer. In the new trailer, he has shown wearing it clearly, and it is simply accurate to the comic version. You will actually get to know why she is creating a new team and learn about the other Birds. The birds in the movie all have pissed Black Mask in their own way, including Cassie Cain mugged him, Huntress murdered his best friend, Black Canary cheated him, and Renee, a police investigator, is making a case on him. That is the reason why Harley is allying all of them together to beat the crap out of Black Mask, who has his own force.

There are many things about Black Mask that we don’t know for now, and the trailer doesn’t reveal the whole plot. In the trailer, it is clear that Black Mask is not an ordinary criminal, but he is an insanely powered crime-boss who has a lot of combatants in his team. Harley Quinn also tells about her broken relationship with Joker at the beginning of the promotional film clip. Black Mask wants to see Harley Quinn breathless, but the reason behind it is not revealed in the trailer.

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