Warner Bros Joins AI Start-up to Predict Movie Success

The movie giant Warner Bros. and Cinelytic (an LA-based Start-up), has signed a deal. Cinelytic uses machine learning to predict the future of a movie ( whether a movie will be a success or a failure.) As per the news of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER,” Warner Bros. will use these algorithms as one of the guides of decision making.” The software can be used as a help of marketing and distribution planning and strategies made by Warner Bros. Pictures International.

Cinelytic’s CEO Tobias Queisser forced on the topic that AI is just only an assistive tool in an interview with THR. In addition to that, ” Artificial Intelligence just sounds horrific, but it is not ready to make any creative decision in this world. ” He further reported, “AI is good at breaking down huge data, crunching numbers and showing patterns that could take time notice or not be visible to humans. Still, when it comes to the creative decision-making process, there should be an experienced and gutsy instinct.”

No matter what this technology is used for, the main aspect remains that Hollywood is taking its slow and minor yet firm steps to improve the field. Even with this algorithm, there is historical skepticism of Hollywood remains intact.

Andrea Scarso told that the software couldn’t change his mind but made him open his mind regarding other options and different approaches to gathering information and making a decision. While adding to his statement, ” Anyone can observe that sometimes  how one or more things can affect project massively on the commercial performance.”

This software allows customers to play fantasy football with the films. In this, a user has the power to model a pitch; by inputting budget, actors, genre, and additional factors. With this, the user also can see what will happen when they substitute individual elements; does replacing Jenifer Lawarence with Felicity Joans get a better result, engagement of the audience, or does it increases box office revenue in Europe?

Many of the experts think this will only make the decision process more hectic as of now. According to them, this algorithm analyzes data of the past to predict the future of the movie, which is a very conservative way to way of analysis. This machine learning can bring better things to the well-established actors and directors, but it can be very harmful to dreamers. Scientific studies show that the algorithm only produces very limited gains, often stating obvious and recitative insights that can be predicted without AI.

There are those who also support those who are in support of machine learning in the Film-making business. According to those, this tool can produce simple analysis, and it is faster than the average human. This can be helpful at film festivals (like Oscars, Golden Globe, etc.) to decide the films worth a few times and bidding war over distribution rights.

According to senior vice president of distribution of Warner Bros. Toni Kiis, “We make hard and confusing decisions on a daily basis, which affects the basic process to production and delivery of the films to the theaters around the globe. The more precise data leads to giving us a chance to deliver better and engaging content. This tool can provide a lot of help to new people in the high ranks in the Film industry.

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